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Please take note now, that this Wiki is entirely unofficial. NO content within is supported by Admin Flamechamp - this Wiki is developed entirely by other players for other players.

Note to new users

Feel free to contribute! This Wiki is entirely built by its users - spruce up pages, edit to make things clear! Start projects, make a difference - and most importantly; help other players. For help with Wiki Syntax, visit http://www.wikidot.com/doc:wiki-syntax . Hopefully we can launch this project off the ground and create a very helpful wiki - and in the process give our newer players somewhere to go for information! Knowledge is far more fun when you share it with others :-)
Visit the [[Wanted Pages]] for a list of pages that are wanted by our users - but yet to be pulled together and created.
All issues with the Wiki can be reported to me, just send me a YoM on Surmuck!

Thanks, and happy Wiki-ing!

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